About Us

AT ANHC, you will receive the best in natural health care. Our holistic health practitioners are highly-trained specialists in the fields of biofeedback, naturopathic medicine, brain health, and nutrition. Our team will work with you to address everyday health concerns and more complex imbalances. We are continually advancing our skills and searching for the latest and best healing techniques to offer our clients. Our work is centered on compassionate care using a multi-dimensional approach to help you achieve and maintain good health.

Louise SwartswalterDr. Louise Swartswalter is the founder of Albuquerque Natural Health Center and has lived in Albuquerque, New Mexico since 2000. Dr. Swartswalter is a certified Naturopath, Biofeedback specialist and Health and Wellness Coach specializing in Brain Balancing, ADD/ADHD, auto immune issues, anti-aging and self-empowerment. She uses a combination of biofeedback, naturopathy, kinesiology, emotional release work, and more in her practice. Louise developed group frequency work and The Beautiful Balanced Brain Biofeedback program. She is also certified in Hanna Kroeger’s work as well as her own Brain Balancing techniques and energetic tools for life empowerment. You can contact Louise at (505) 797-0540.



An Ohio native, Melissa studied Human Anatomy & Nutrition in college prior to attending the New Mexico School of Natural Therapeutics program, becoming a Natural Therapeutic Specialist and Clinical Soft Tissue Therapist. Her emphasis is 'Mobility in Midlife' and as a level 2 Fascial Stretch Therapist and LifeStretch Class Instructor, her practice is exclusively flexibility training for performance and pain relief. Her practice will expand in the future to include health coaching. You can contact Melissa by visiting http://www.dukecitystretch.com/



 Justin Meyer enrolled in massage school after a friend asked him to work on her shoulders and said he was a natural and that he should go to school and become a massage therapist . That was 13 years ago. Justin has helped people with bulging discs , tennis elbow , kyphosis,  fibromyalgia, and frozen shoulder . Justin has personally recovered from having ruptured discs where he was not able to walk for six months. Justin is also a certified Tai Chi , Chi Gung and Kung Fu instructor . Justin has 33 years martial arts experience.

Ungabah Davila - Both Ungabah Davila and Amanda Allen help ANHC with web marketing and management and are also the ones helps to keep you all informed of events and happening at ANHC through the website and social media.