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We invite you to look at how our goal to empower our family of clients with powerful, positive healing has helped them. You can also find new video testimonials on our Facebook and YouTube pages!

Below you will find general client testimonials as wells as testimonials for the various services we provide.


What is the greatest transformation I provide ?

Dramatic changes in peoples life!! Solutions to human/spirit/genetic  challenges that have “seemed to be impossible to concur”.

You can improve any area of your life. Thank you for all you do for so many!

- SP, Albuquerque

Recently I worked with a woman who had swallowing issues and periodically has to  have her throat stretched.
She said , I can only have the stretching  a few times and then I have to have a feeding tube.
In one session with a couple of supplements she is swallowing fine, cough is gone and she has more energy.
She said, "I feel better than I have in 3 years!" I do not know what you have done, it is amazing. My color is better,
I am hiking, riding my bike and I do not feel as uptight."  Thank you!

- JV, New Hampshire

Louise put a baseball player and team name in the Beautiful You Group Frequency program group and they
are winning and all is turning around! The player is batting better than ever!
The Team started winning games BIG when I added them to the group frequencies!

- Great experiment turns out spectacular! 


If I haven't said it to you, I certainly meant to. You are so amazing! I love you and appreciate you more than my words can adequately describe. You are truly the gift that you bring! I am completely awestuck and glad for bringing such useful tools to us. I consider you a tremendous friend/and asset in my "toolbox". When I grow up, I would like to be more like you. Thank you for all the greater good and love that you are, bring, and provide.

Love, L.

- L. Albuquerque, NM

I am grateful for you and for ALL that you've done to help make my life and my health better. You are a Gift and a Blessing, not just to me but to many, and I am so grateful to know you! 

Love, love, love you, Louise!

God's Blessings on and for all of you,

- J.V., Albuquerque, NM

I am so grateful for all of your hard work in creating & making your special brain programs available to everyone...& helping us all, reach our full potential...& be closer to our higher, divine self! Love & Blessings,


- J.S Australia  

I recently worked with a practitioner from another country over the phone and
she said, " I feel like a different person. I don't know what you did? People are commenting that I look and sound different.

Amazing!  I tried a lot of things over the years and I am blown away! I wake up singing! 

- MR , Canada

“At a friend’s suggestion, I called Dr. Louise’s office. For years, I had suffered from MCS/CFS starting in the ’80s alternating between flare-ups and very short remissions, spending weeks, months or years in bed.  I had literally gone from living to existing.   The good news is that I was compelled to do some soul-searching and eventually connected with my Higher Self!   Louise put me on a strict diet, cutting out all sugars etc.   For years, I would have considered myself a candy addict.   It was not easy for the first six weeks but I knew that what I put into her program is what I would get out of it.   I am happy to say that already I have gone from being non-functional to being able to go for a short walk and to make a pot of chicken soup!!!   Once again, I am beginning to have joy in my life and at 81 years young, I look forward to a wonderful and exciting future.   I am so thankful to Louise for her passionate commitment to her patients and for her very caring and positive disposition.  To her I say “Thank You, Thank You, Thank You” and I am sending a big hug and lots of Love and Light.”

- O.W., Belen, NM

I cannot believe the change in my cat ..wished I could have taken picture yesterday and today…incredible thank you…Again, fight to get him to eat, though his appetite up this morning…..and at least he ate ½ his food for the morning I followed him around placing his bowl near him where ever he is…people would think I am nuts….but cats are not easy creatures and mine is spoiled to boot…but he has been an amazing animal…xoxo

- T.L., CA

Regarding Rejuvenator Patch – It’s fantastic! I haven’t slept like this in years! My sleep in so much deeper…amazing!

- W.W., Edgewood

I first saw Louise at a talk she was giving at Vitamin Cottage in Albuquerque in January 2013.  I was looking for a healer, someone who could help me.  My husband and I had moved 2 times in 18 months, the second time from a rent house that we were in for 8 months that had severe mold issues I had fallen and broken ribs on a sidewalk in March of 2012.  I had aches and pains all over my body and looked like I had aged 10 years in the last year.  I was a mess.

My first appointment was in February.  Afterwards, I immediately began to feel better, and with each subsequent appointment, I made tremendous strides in becoming pain-free and more and more balanced and healthy in every way, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

With Louise, I got just what I was looking for.  Someone with superior knowledge about healing treatments and nutrition, deep and non-judgmental listening skills, and a treatment plan that focused on me as an individual and that aided me in healing very quickly.   When I contrast how I felt at my first visit with how I feel now, the results are miraculous.  And I am grateful!!!

- C.W., Albuquerque

I was very impressed with Dr. Swartswalter’s comprehensive approach. In just a couple of treatments, she helped me refocus and stay emphasized on the essentials to bring my health and life into balance. Her methods prove ailments are not just about health but about wellbeing as well

- T.S., Albuquerque

I just wanted to let you know that I have been feeling much better since I saw you. I have lots more energy and feel very positive. I loved the integration and appreciate all the time you spent with me. I also think that the Will Power supplement is working wonders! I am taking care of lots of things in my life in order to take care of myself – quite a change and one I really like.

- G.W., Santa Fe

Since we worked together recently, I have been in a magically different place. I have been sleeping very well…almost like I’m trying to catch up. (Previously slept with a sleep apnea machine). Every one of the supplements you tested me for and recommended has done a wonderful job. There has been no reaction to any of them. I’m most grateful to you!

- D.B., California

Louise’s skill is a kinesiologist, her knowledge of how to use food and herbs as medicine, her deeply intuitive empathy for her clients along with her skill as a SCIO/Life practitioner should be anyone’s first line of defense when combating health problems. Thank you, Louise, for your skill and for your talents, but especially for your heartfelt concern.

- R.B., Albuquerque

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