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Abundance from Biofeedback

Ever since the 1st class, I have been given favors, gifts, compliments and friendship that was unexpected. Everything is falling into place and flowing smoothly. Things are coming to me more quickly and easily. My money is lasting longer and going further, I’m not running out. I have more money in my bank account than I have had in a long time.

- C.M., Albuquerque

As soon as I left the meeting I had a message on my phone and got a job offer – which I took. That was fast!!

- R.C., Albuquerque

I had $217 unexpectedly come to me in the last 2 weeks from a couple of sources. Amazing!

- C.K., Albuquerque

Just wanted you to know that I feel a remarkable change this morning after our session yesterday. I know you demonstrated what you do for me a few months ago, but it is a far different experience to go through the process with you when my body is out of balance. Now I can really describe the shift to people. I feel lighter, calmer, less pain in my back, more positive, clearer vision, peaceful, and more open to receiving goodness in my life. And I loved seeing my aura and my angels on the screen.I know as well that it is your vibrant spirit and caring heart that adds so much to this process. Bless you, dear, for who you are and all you do on earth.

- M.L., Albuquerque

My family is more positive. I noticed shifts in my father that I haven’t seen in years. So this seems to be reaching not just me, but my family members as well.

- T.C., Albuquerque

When a friend suggested I should visit Albuquerque Natural Health Center to find out what the cause was for my chronic hives that I had been suffering from for the past four years, I was VERY skeptical. After all, I had been prodded, pricked and probed from every angle by three successive conventional medical specialists, and after having spent thousands of dollars, I was not one bit closer to healing or even hearing anything that gave me hope.

The results after my one appointment with you have been SPECTACULAR!

You will never know the depth of my gratitude, because not only did you heal my hives, I was amazed by how much more energy I had, plus I experienced a major boost in my self-confidence! What an unexpected bonus. I’m still not sure what you did, but quite honestly, I don’t care. All I know is that you accomplished what medical doctors didn’t even know where to begin to fix, and it cost me a tiny fraction of the price. I’m 100% confident my long period of suffering is over. I look forward to spreading the word so I can help many others enjoy the same miraculous healing that I experienced. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

- P.H.T., Albuquerque

Unexpected money came from an estate settlement and this truly is an example of abundance at work.

- K.L., Albuquerque

WOW! That was some good stuff last night. I was absolutely wiped out by the eclipse. . But today I feel very calm, clear, and peaceful. Thank you Love you.

- C.J., Albuquerque

When I left on Thursday, I said I wasn’t sure if I felt a difference. Well let me tell you!!!! On the way home, I felt extreme joy and my body screamed “Yes!” and then I proceeded to laugh all the way home! I never expected a reaction like that! It was wonderful, just like you! You reminded me that I need to pay attention to things around and inside me and I need to pray more! Thank you, see you soon!

- L.D., Albuquerque

You have helped me so much more than western medicine. I feel like a million bucks.

- J.E., Albuquerque

I just have to say ‘Holy Cow!!’ I’ve not felt this good in YEARS and I’m actually going out for a run every evening AND every morning!! I’m literally astounded!! Thanks so much for everything you’ve done for me and for everything you’ve helped me do for myself. Talk about a real life changing event!!

- C.G., Albuquerque

Thank you for opening me up to the true meaning of biofeedback-the energy I already have within me. I can’t stop talking about you especially after receiving my “miracle” on my right foot and/or entire leg. It is still tingling!

(Doctors told P.V. she would not get the feeling back in her right foot and would not be able to flex her foot. Halfway through out session, she was able to flex!)

- P.V., Florida

I wanted to thank you for meeting me on 6/9. I really enjoyed it. I just think what you do is awesome and my visits to you have been so instrumental in my getting better. I can’t tell you how much you have helped me and how much I appreciate what you do!!

- J.T., Albuquerque

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