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Brain Boosters

Hi Dr. Louise,   Yes, I would say that our family communication is much better, too!   Thank You. I have good organization and am getting things done for our trip back East  Oct. 1-8th….despite a number of interruptions.   Thank you so much. You are Super!!

- N.H., Albuquerque, NM


I heard from an administrator today about our grandson.
She said she had been pleasantly surprised that he was sitting so calmly at lunch yesterday.

Thanks for putting him in your GROUP tonight for the Brain Boosters and all your help giving him serotonin and more every 30 minutes. The school is hopeful as well to see the program work. I work at the school as well as a Teacher assistant. I just got back for 3 days 2 nights camping hiking with 25 kindergarteners.
Thank  you sooooo much!!

- T.S., CO

Many thanks. Michael just mentioned he has less pain   he thinks it is because he was sitting in a certain chair! Not true! Chair is not comfortable!! Lol !! You are really helping ! Sweet dreams! Lots of love!

- J.V., Albuquerque, NM

Work has kept me very busy, plus I'm spending the majority of my free time on my writing class so I just haven't had the time to give you the feedback you deserve. I am definitely feeling more focused, more productive and that my brain is just working better. And best of all, don't know if this is related, but I think it must be, my hot flashes have diminished to nearly nothing. They went away for the summer, but came back at the end of August. I had nights where I was having 4-6 every night and another 8-10 during the day! But for the last 2 weeks, they've been progressively and dramatically decreasing in frequency and intensity. This morning I had 2 barely noticeable warm surges lasting only a few seconds. And none waking me up for at least the last 5 nights! So I'm definitely sleeping better.

- L.F., Albuquerque, NM

I'm grateful to you Louise, for being such a great mentor for me, and for effortlessly modeling many of the facets of being a champion for people to create the lives that they find so meaningful.

- D.F., Baltimore, MD

This was PERFECT. The affirmations are addressing exactly everything I was going through. I felt a boost of energy and creativity last night. I feel capable of moving forward and continuing on. Many Thanks!

- L.S., Albuquerque, NM

October 1, 2014

I am motivated and take action steps towards my goals.
I complete all my daily and weekly tasks with ease.
I am able to plan and organize and recall.
My brain and nerves work perfectly and I am in the flow.
I attract like-minded positive people to my world!
My heart and brain are connected in love.
God and my angels are with me.

I slept so good last night!!!  I got 9 hours of sleep without waking up.  I felt great when I woke up this morning.  I’m actually looking forward to bed time tonight (I normally have anxiety every night around whether or not I will be able to sleep).

- H.K., Kentucky

Mom with Autistic 16 year old. My son is definitely better today after putting him in the Brain Group. He is calmer and more motivated. Thank you so much

- A.P., Albuquerque, NM

Wow, This is the first time my son made straight A’s. He has never done this before in eleven years of schooling. I am excited beyond words! His social skills are improving and he is taking more self responsibility. He is taking hard classes this year such as Biology and pre calculus and doing so great. This Brain Boosters program is amazing! Thank you for all you have done!

- M.B., Mesquite, NM

Dear Louise,

What a wonderful relaxing sleep I had.  I have nerve issues and I do feel wonderful.  Thank you for your intuitive soul and how it tunes into us for our needed healing.  I'd like to share a story with you about my grandson and a honu.

A "Honu" is a turtle in hawaiian.  Animals of the sea are like spirit gods and called  "amakua".  Usually hawaiians have an amakua.

My grandson's appeared to be a turtle from the time he was small and all the turtle encounters.  We went to a beach house on the north shore for the weekend and there are a lot of waves.  He was body surfing with his uncle and a honu slammed into his body, stuck his head out of the water and spit a stream of water at him.  He said he wondered what it was going to do next.  His ribs and chest was sore from the impact.  The honu kept swimming around him and bobbing its head out of the water and watching my grandson all the time he was there.  Now how is that for an amakua spiritual encounter.

My grandson says to thank you very much for all you do.  His thoughts are clearer and he says his brain process is easier.  It seems to help in his  school work and getting better grades.  He also appears to be much calmer.

Thank you once again for the call and your concern on how we are doing.  Thank you for the time and all the work you do in your healing of souls and the planet. Mahalo, Love & Light .

- Pat S., Hawaii

Now today was fun:  I woke up feeling more rested than I have in a quite a while.  Had a 12+ hour day for the most part non-stop with appointments,  meetings, etc.   Rest of my day and evening full-on, energy to meet my needs.  I am very grateful for this.

So:  thank you Louise.  I must admit I felt heartened last night to hear that I was not the only one feeling some shadow stuff emerging/still hanging around.  Must have been a strong integration.  There is definitely a lighter feeling and again, a greater positivity about life working out alright.

- R.S., Albuquerque, NM

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