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Geotran Testimonials

Geotran Class Feedback

I had such a wonderful time. The class filled me on several levels. First the peace in your office was great. I feel at home there. Then there was the fact that friendship with others’ occurred as the days went on. I felt my heart blossoming again and it was comforting to be with like-minded individuals. And lastly but definitely not least, was the raising to a new level of learning and performance. I look forward to using my new skills and applying them because the need is great. In fact I often felt isolated without a way to help others’. Now I don’t feel so helpless and hopeless. Thank you for your teaching ability and willingness to mentor others. Thank you for your energy and inspiration. Love,  Lita

The integration for me was amazing and life-changing. This was a HUGE and I am so very grateful for resolving current and past life issues. With deep, deep gratitude to you and the group.  Judy V.

I feel so blessed to have received this information so I can help myself and continue to "upgrade" to my "higher self" and to aid others to be "free". Louise is an excellent teacher, a joy to be around and exceptional in her manner of "Being". Thank you. To help us feel safe in sharing and for me in becoming more "authentic" in remembering to be "real". Helping me remember to feel Happy, Joy, Love, Safe in experiencing, it's OK to be feeling "Hurt and Heard" ?? and open to "Feeling". Hugs.  Patricia

Hi Louise:   Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us.   It was just awesome.   I have never felt so "at home" on Planet Earth!!!   In Love and Light, Odessa

For your generosity ,for your beautiful way of presenting the material, for your hospitality, for how you bring the best out in people, for all the little and BIG things you do to make the weekend a success. I am sooo grateful to be in your life and have you in mine!!!!!! I really consider you a Soul Sister in the deepest heartfelt way!
Love You for YOU, Debbie

Hi Louise

Things have been going good since the class. I feel more awake and focused. In my integration I said my knees and kidneys were hurting, they don't hurt now. I've lost about 5 lbs since the weekend, so I guess my kidneys are getting rid of excess water or something, it doesn't really seem like I've changed anything else.

We went to my aunts last night, she was already in bed, so we set my mom’s tailbone, neck and did an integration on her. The pendulum really spun afterwards and she looked happy and younger!  Thank you for everything,   Allen


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