Frequency Enhanced Products get Results!

Our expansion continues with our own line of ANHC frequency enhanced products.  This is the latest in scientific technology.  We look for the best and most absorb-able.  Why waste your money on inferior products?  To acquire great health and maintain it you need to optimize digestion and have the correct total program.

What is a frequency enhanced product and why is it different?

We energize and infuse frequency in our line of Albuquerque Natural Health Center pharmaceutical grade products for better absorption and energy. Absorption is key.  We can ingest expensive supplements and not absorb 50% of them and waste our money. Frequency enhanced nutrition is absorbed better!   See Mood Max, His-Tame (for rebuilding the immune system to assist with food allergies), Stable Glutathione, and Collagen Plus and highly absorbable Minerals, Pro Omega 600EC fish oil free of heavy metals and two Probiotic products- Daily Probiotic and Probiotic ENT for (ear nose and throat) and more.

The Basics

Most people need “The Basics” – Minerals, Omega 3 oils and probiotics. Complete Minerals are the catalysts for many functions in the body.   Our Pure Omega 600EC feeds the brain, circulation, muscles, joints, ligaments, the digestive track and more.  It is like the oil in your automobile.  You would never allow your vehicle to be without oil or the engine will fail.  It is the same with your body.

Probiotics are the good bacteria that are found in your colon.  Lactobacillus is found in the small intestine (responsible for absorption) and Bifidus is the bacteria that inhabits the large intestine (responsible for evacuation).  Symptoms of lack of the good bacteria include constipation, acne, digestive issues, Candida, repeated infections and brain imbalances.  We have more neurotransmitters in our gut than our brain. Our Probiotic Daily is non-dairy and contains 100 billion CFU per capsule.

"My boys are so much healthier since giving them the probiotic ENT! I am taking it also and it helps my sinus and ear issues." -P.P., Albuquerque.

"Please always carry the stable glutathione.  This product has changed my life!  I have energy again and brain power. Thank you, thank you!"   H.G., Albuquerque