Mission Statement

Our mission is to educate individuals and organizations in self care and healing their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual selves in order to reach their full potential as human beings.

We aim to empower, guide, and teach stress reduction tools and techniques, healthy lifestyle choices, environmental cleansing and detoxification techniques, mental-emotional balancing and spiritual balancing.

What You Can Expect From Your Visit to ANHC

  1. Feel nurtured and loved
  2. Feel lighter and more relaxed
  3. Learn about yourself–your emotions, body stressors, mental patterns and how to shift them
  4. Learn what foods are good for you.
  5. Learn the cause of the imbalance or issue of concern
  6. Release past traumas
  7. Lose weight (if desired)
  8. Release stressors and learn to digest life
  9. Find the proper balance of supplements for YOU!
  10. Help with detoxifying the body
  11. Attain empowerment for Life!

The energy work I experienced on the Life Machine was truly transforming. I was dealing with a lot of physical and emotional things due to a car accident and a flu virus. Louise worked on my immune system, kidney, brain, hormones, digestion and emotional issues this past Sunday. That evening I was so calm and anxiety-free that I was able to sleep the entire night. In the morning it felt like something had greatly shifted in both my body and spirit. I felt clear, able to enjoy my meals without a lot of bloating and gas, and had my energy back!

TL, Chicago

I was very impressed with Dr. Swartswalter’s comprehensive approach. In just a couple of treatments, she helped me refocus and stay emphasized on the essentials to bring my health and life into balance. Her methods prove ailments are not just about health but about well being as well.

TS, Albuquerque

Since we worked together recently, I have been in a magically different place. I have been sleeping very well…almost like I’m trying to catch up. Every one of the supplements you tested me for and recommended has done a wonderful job. There has been no reaction to any of them. I’m most grateful to you!

DB, California