Use Powerful, Positive Healing for ADD/ADHD

Do you want to help you or your child become their best with increased focus and less dependence on medications?

Neuro-Biofeedback and Quantum Biofeedback balances the brain waves and optimizes memory and focus… and now we provide choices to help serve you better!

Take a look at these TWO options and see which will work best for you. And if you have questions, simply call and schedule a free 15 minute consultation so you can make the best informed choice to help your child or your self.


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You will see and feel changes, often within a few weeks. Everyone is different and we always want the best outcome for you and your family!

Since having biofeedback with Louise, I am doing better in school. I got a good grade on my spelling pre-test today. My Mom says that my language and conversational ability is better. I am more focused and my behavior is much better too. I used to take medication for ADHD and I don’t need it anymore!

- A.B., Albuquerque