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Hormones, Brain and Energy! Focus on Two Important Organs to Balance Hormones!

Are you ready to balance your brain?  Springtime is a time for planting, growing and re-birthing – the brain and the soul.  We are all transforming and today I was blessed to have a session with a dear friend.  We peeled layers off that went back 15,000 generations and I do feel lighter.  Healers need healers, too.  As we worked through layers of stuck emotions we needed to continually reset my brain.

Another method I use to reset the brain is with my own Beautiful Balanced Brain Biofeedback Program (BBB). BBB  utilizes Scalin technology and includes brain nutrition, neurotransmitters, parts of the brain, emotions, pathogens and more. The emotions and feelings are stored in the brain. I believe that the cellular memory of past trauma needs to be cleared to have full use of your brain power and your genius. Clients have said, “You find things in me I did not know were there and clear them. You literally saved my life. ”

You can experience this transformation, too!  Call us for a  Brain Balancing session.  505-797-0540.

Most physical issues have an emotional component and when you can clear the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual and the energy field you allow your God given gifts to shine.  You are a genius and we just need to get rid of the “baggage” in your way!

My signature system is changing lives daily!   I have been working with a woman in the early stages of Alzheimers.  It has only been six weeks and five sessions and her brain is much improved.  When PJ came in with her friend mid March she was anxious and could hardly sit in the chair.  She stuttered and had difficulty telling me her story and answering questions, forgetting words and trying to substitute synonyms.   Short term and long term memory were impaired.  There was slight depression and fear.  First I determined the physical imbalances. PJ needed filtered water and a few nutritional supplements- minerals, fish oil and probiotics, our  brain supplement, Total Recall and a digestive enzyme.

Next , we worked with Brain Soul Balancing clearing the soul ties to the trapped emotions.  This is such a powerful technique so I wrote the Ebook , Brain Soul Balancing: Get Back your Truth, Your Health and Your Life.   Download a copy for Free today


I also used my Beautiful Balanced Brain Program , which is a matching biofeedback program that works with your hologram to put you back in balance.  It is magical and the results I have been getting are amazing!  There is a component of the program that includes a frequency generator. The client wears headphones and listens to specific sounds for balancing their issue.  I also do this over the phone with clients. With PJ we did mylein sheath repair, brain regeneration, relaxation and re balancing digestion.

It is six weeks later and PJ’s memory, speech and attitude is completely changed . PJ is more confident, relaxed , happier and empowered.  She is reading aloud to improve her speech and fluency.   She asked a friend to take to her to the book store to buy new books that she likes. She said, “I never liked books and now I want to read.”  PJ rides horses and is an outdoor girl.  She would get lost on the trails and couldn’t find her way home.  To see the positive changes in only six weeks is just plain awesome!   If you know someone with brain and memory issues please call me or email. I work long distance as well.  Isn’t it time to change your life or the life of a loved one?

I use the Beautiful Balanced Brain program for individuals, groups, businesses, homes and situations.  You can experience a part of the program on the Awakening Abundance 2015 Webinar Saturday , May 2nd at 12:00 PM MST. Join us – sign up here.

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