Bobcats and Patience

BobcatwallphotoJust today I was sitting at my home computer  thinking about how blessed I am to be able to help so many folks build their brain power and change their lives!    I thought about my autistic client and how well he is doing.  I chatted with a mother  of a client who was struggling with ADD/ADHD, listening and attending  in school and at home.  I only saw him three times and also entered him into the Brain Boosters group. Here is what she said:

Wow, This is the first time my son made straight A’s. He has never done this before in eleven years of schooling. I am excited beyond words! His social skills are improving and he is taking more self responsibility. He is taking hard classes this year such as Biology and pre calculus and doing so great. This Brain Boosters program is amazing! Thank you for all you have done!  MT, Mesquite, NM

Then, I saw two cats on the courtyard wall. I walked to the window and it was two Bobcats!  Wow!   What is the meaning of this spectacular moment?  I Googled it.

Symbolic Bobcat Meanings

Foremost, the Bobcat animal totem is a sign of patience. Bobcats are superior hunters, and they incorporate stealth, strategy and wield a great deal of patience in their hunting excursions.In this way, the Bobcat sends us a clear message that in order for us to get what we want, we must be willing to plan, adapt, and above all, have the patience to see our ideals manifest.

Lately, I have had less patience with myself and if you are experiencing  this as well it is a  “sign of the times.”  These moments tell us to slow down and listen, really listen.   If you listen and talk with God the answers will come.

Not even five minutes later I received a message from a client about another amazing animal encounter.  This one takes place in the ocean.

What a wonderful relaxing sleep I had.  I have nerve issues and I do feel wonderful.  Thank you for your intuitive soul and how it tunes into us for our needed healing.  I’d like to share a story with you about my grandson and a honu.  A “Honu” is a turtle in hawaiian.  Animals of the sea are like spirit gods and called  “amakua”.  Usually hawaiians have an amakua.   My grandsons’ appeared to be a turtle from the time he was small and all the turtle encounters.  We went to a beach house on the north shore for the weekend and there are a lot of waves.  He was body surfing with his uncle and a honu slammed into his body,  stuck his head out of the water and spit a stream of water at him.  He said he wondered what it was going to do next.  His ribs and chest were sore from the impact.  The honu kept swimming around him and bobbing its head out of the water and watching my grandson   all the time he was there.  Now how is that for an amakua spiritual encounter.

 My grandson says to thank you very much for all you do.  His thoughts are clearer and he says his brain process is easier.  It seems to help in his  school work and getting better grades.  He also appears to be much calmer.Thank you once again for the call and your concern on how we are doing.  Thank you for the time and all the work you do in your healing of souls and the planet.Mahalo, Love & Light . . .PS Hawaii

 So, listening is key.  I have found that the path to healing anything is “following your intuition and trusting it.”   This should be a bumper sticker!  

These two encounters remind me that we are all connected – the oceans and mountains, humans and animals, waters and skies.   It is time to honor this and respect our planet, our animals and each other.  What can you do today to show your kindness?  Your love?   Your compassion?  Reach out to one person you do not know and give your love and kindness.   Let’s create a circle of love.  Pass this blog on to one or two friends and increase the LOVE frequency.  I embedded LOVE frequencies and I want to see how far we can spread it!   Thank you!  I love you.

Blessings and love, Louise





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