Brain Boosters Group Frequency

Brain Boosters Group Frequency

Wow!   Our most popular group, Brain Boosters begins in just a few weeks.   If you have memory or focus issues, brain fog, fatigue, ADD/ADHD then this is the group for you! 


We specialize in brain balancing which affects your whole being. We are the only center in the Southwest using five biofeedback, neurofeedback-sound frequency programs and my own unique signature system. Brain Boosters Group Frequency has been the culmination of twenty five years of working closely with brain imbalances (a combination of my first career as a dyslexic teacher, naturopathy, biofeedback and coaching). I have people all over the globe experiencing the power of this group!

What is Brain Boosters?

Long distance frequency to balance the brain and optimize memory.  It is like sending a text message – the energy reaches you and all you have to do is be open to receive. How cool is that?

Past Members Shared:

This is the first time my son made straight A’s.  He has never done this before in eleven years of schooling. I am excited beyond words!  His social skills are improving and he is taking more self-responsibility. He is taking hard classes this year such as Biology and pre-calculus and doing so great.  This Brain Boosters program is amazing!  Thank you for all you have done!  MB, Mesquite, NM

SO ALL of this Peaceful, calm, no tapes running and running in my mind is SO NEW to me. DO I LOVE IT? YES! YES! YES! Each day everything just seems a little calmer, my ” mind” is quite.BB, CA



 Frequency Enhanced Products

To enhance your Brain boosters experience check out the latest scientific breakthrough in Nutritional Supplements:   Frequency Enhanced Pharmaceutical Grade non GMO Nutrition! Experience the difference and you will see why Frequency Enhanced Products beat the rest hands down! ~

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Total Recall TOP SELLER improves memory and concentration.   I love the Total Recall. I am remembering more and getting more done and feel great! Thank you for the brain power!  SL Albuquerque



Mood Food~Mood Max~SCHWLO~2

Mood Max TOP SELLER   Assists mood and neurotransmitter balance.

I have to say that my husband is a different person on this product.  I saw such a change in him I am taking it now and my sleep is better.  I get more done and that PMS feeling is gone!  LS Arizona

Stable Glutathione most stable form of this important enzyme to detox metals and environmental chemicals.  Also known as anti-aging nutrition.  “I have looked for a stable form of glutathione for years and here it is!  “Please do not ever stop carrying this product. This has helped my health, energy and life. Thank you. HG Albuquerque  

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Join Brain Boosters Group Frequency 2016!  You will be happy you did!

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