Brain Success Coaching

Why is Brain- Success Coaching different than other brain based coaching programs?

Brain Success Coaching is a unique combination of techniques designed to clear the past, leap you forward and allow your gifts to shine like no other. It is not just nutrition, meditation, NLP or any of the other coaching techniques you have experienced with other coaches. This system finds the issues you did not know were there and clears them for good, yes, for good!   You finally can be your soul’s truth and “allow your gifts to shine.” I have been told it is worth 16 years of therapy and we do this in one day! 

Wow! I get so excited to observe the results people are having transforming their lives. This is my passion and I just love it!   This is a short video of a student who experienced a powerful heart clearing during our recent Geotran Class.

Beautiful Balanced Brain Signature Program

My signature system morphed and came together over the last 25 years of healing myself, working with clients and special needs students. I started in my home office with my dyslexic students and eight years later bought my own office and now have clients all over the United States and the world.  I use a combination of biofeedback, naturopathy, energy work, kinesiolgy and emotional clearing. The Ebook, Brain-Soul Balancing: Get Back Your Truth, Your Health and Your Life describes more and is available on the website free.

The system includes these basic categories:

  1. Physical-Nutritional Bootcamp
  2. Mental Magic
  3. Emotional Transformation
  4. Spiritual – Soul Purification
  5. Overcome it All – missing piece in most brain programs

You can experience this system and learn it, too!  First step is to get you healthy and balanced, next Brain Success-Coaching teaches you the TOOLS and takes you through powerful exercises you can use for yourself and others.

It is time for you to leap forward!  Call and set up a FREE 15 minute consultation so we can access where to begin. 505-797-0540.

Empowered an artist to feel great again and do her work!  

I wanted to say this yesterday, it has been the work with you and your groups that has accelerated my commitment to the art making.  Without feeling attached to so much I’m able to focus and honor my true self.     Roberta Marquez Albuquerque

Became healthier than she was in years after a few sessions! Transformed her life, literally!

I went to Louise because I had been sick since the age of seven with Celiac Disease and later had symptoms that seemed to be caused by Endometriosis. I had been going to many doctors and specialists and they were never able get to the root of my health problems. When I went to Louise, she gave me a Protozoa kit and biofeedback. After one month, all of my ailments had vanished. Also, after just two sessions with Louise I was able to start eating gluten 20% of the time, and now I do not have a single health problem. Now, I have more energy, joy, and feel better overall than I ever have in my lifetime. I would highly recommend Louise to anyone that struggles with achieving good health.

I am so sorry that it took me so long to get this to you. Love,   Julia Apodaca


Transformed a bed ridden client who would pass out from low adrenals to feeling empowered about her life and business in just two months!  

“Since I have been working with Louise, I am no longer afraid or anxious about taking steps toward starting my business and my future success.  I actually feel hopeful about the experience and am enjoying the process.  I have been so impressed with the mental shift that Louise has helped me achieve.”   Thank you. Melony Cable, Washington

Supported an NLP teacher and her class in China

I’ll be flying up to Shanghai this evening — It has been a magical experience here and I want to thank you for your support and love. I want you to know I feel the difference and I believe I’ve been my very best and truly all the hearts, including mine has been opened. More from Shanghai. So many thanks. Love, Kate Miller

Integrations for Life ( Geotran) catapulted a Lyme disease client forward


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