Can Radiation Affect Your Thyroid?


The past month….
I see so many people with thyroid imbalances ( hypothyroid mostly).  Symptoms include:  fatigue, weight gain, depression, indigestion, leaky gut, hair loss, dry skin, brain health, anemia, emotional balance.   Take the test here:  Questionnaire for Thyroid Function

Why so many folks affected?

I find radiation, halogens  (fluorine , chlorine, bromine), dioxins, copper, lead and protozoa infections. Where do these come from?
Radiation – cell phones, cell phone towers, computers, WiFi, smart meters, Japan?
Fluorine and fluoride– toothpaste, dental products, drinking water.
Chlorine– tap water ( showering and bathing unless you have a filter), bleach, some cleaning products, dish soap  for dishwashers, comet, swimming pools

Bromine– hot tub chemicals, white flour products
Copper pipes, hair dyes, industry waste, pesticides.
Lead auto exhaust, old paints, hair dyes, tin cans, insecticides, medications, cigarette smoke, bleached flour and sugar products.
Protozoa– well water, foods. Allergies to cats may indicate underlying protozoa infections.


So, what are the solutions… stay tuned for more in an upcoming article. 

One simple solution: 
WOW!  I love this technique that changes goiters in five minutes.It’s cellular retraining and when you see this you won’t believe it.   

  • Learn cellular retraining in the Hanna Class.
  • Learn about allergies to corn and what you can do about it.  I recall the story of the young man ( age 16) who was in the hospital for stomach pain and his Mom was freaking out.  I tested and found it was whipworm which cleans up dioxin  (herbicide to kill weeds). They had treated their front yard with Round Up (which contains dioxin) and he was running on the track where dioxin had been sprayed.
  • Learn how to set a tailbone ( important in all lymph cases and Leukemia) and the brain stem and clavicle bone and more…

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