Change Your DNA

Change Your DNA

Rise of the Boomer

Born between 1946 and 1964, there are approximately 450 million baby boomers. The over-50 segment is the fastest growing global population and predicted life expectancies are historically high. In the United States, someone turns 50 every seven seconds.

How We Age

After age 35 we begin to experience signs of aging which may include graying hair, wrinkling skin, pain, fatigue, lowered immune function and vision loss.

Scientists believe that the DNA which contains the codes for cellular function may be responsible for aging. We can work on DNA and I will share how in the upcoming workshops. Another theory is HOW we live determines how we age- our life style. Genetic expression is affected by our diet, the environment, our immune system and our hormones. It is the free radicals (highly charges molecules) that disrupt the normal cellular process and damage cells? If so, how do we keep these free radicals from playing havoc with our cells? The answer is to detoxify daily using a variety of methods including high quality supplements, sweating (exercise and sauna), dry skin brushing, colonics, footbaths and more. There are seven secrets to anti-aging that I will cover in the workshop at Vitamin Cottage. (see events)  Here is a sneak preview of the last secret: Detoxification of the body and the skin. Sharing this secret with you is my passion and how I regained my own health.

My Story

I had 14 mercury amalgam fillings removed in one day on top of an already toxic body in 1991. As a result, I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue and allergies to all foods and chemicals. I had panic attacks and oxygen for three years. I moved my family from Illinois to Taos, New Mexico to an adobe house and ate organic foods, prayed and hiked in the mountains. Those were my “monk” years of healing. It took years, many alternative therapies, sauna detoxification, hard work and prayer. My own path of healing and the learning I acquired is what makes me the “health detective” I am today. Now, I am vibrant, healthy and living the life of my dreams!   If I can do it, so can you! Let me guide you on your path to optimal health.

Detoxification of the body and skin –the last of the Seven Secrets to Anti-aging.

I have found many people have mineral deficiencies and rebuilding may be necessary before cleansing. Every person is unique in their ability to use the antioxidants available in their system to detoxify free radicals when they enter the body. There are three basic supplements most people need and these are liquid plant based minerals or greens, probiotics and high quality fish oil.

Chemical and metal poisons bind in the tissues, attract parasites and have an affinity for the nervous system. Often they do not show up in blood tests because they are in the tissues and nervous system. Other programs focus on cleaning the blood stream and ignore the nervous system where the herpes virus hangs out. Often a remedy for the nervous system given at the same time as a metal chelating remedy or homeopathic remedy to clear a pathogen can work miracles. Of course, we are able to super charge the results using the neurological panels on the biofeedback programs.

So, what does cleansing the body look like?

First, stop consuming all junk foods. Eat healthy, clean living foods and include as many organic foods as possible. I suggest people start with organic dairy products and meats because they contain the most hormones and toxins. Drink one half your body weight in ounces of water daily. Try to get in half your daily intake before noon and the other half before dinner.

Next, clean out the colon using specific herbs to clean out all the plaque, waste and parasites. Use colon cleanses, herbal fiber blends, flax seed, psyllium seed, etc.

Replenish the good bacteria that protect the flora balance. This is very important and most people will not put enough of this good flora back in or take supplements long enough. Then use herbs, vitamins, and amino acids to detoxify other organ systems-kidney, liver, blood, brain and tissues.

You may have side effects, including headaches, flu-like symptoms, fatigue, diarrhea or rashes, the first few days. Please check with a health care practitioner when choosing a detoxification diet. Always clean out the colon before cleaning out other organs.

Why and how to detox the skin: Your skin is the largest organ system and can be used to cleanse when the detox organs are weakened. In my case, my kidneys and liver were riddled with mercury, so dry heat sauna detoxification saved my life. Here are some healthy skin tips:

  • Sweat using sauna, steam room, exercise and baths to cleanse the skin.
  • Bathe in filtered water
  • Use natural products on your skin (if you wouldn’t eat it, don’t put it on your skin), such as shea butter, jojoba oil, apricot oil, olive oil, sweet almond oil and cocoa butter.
  • Use natural make up – regular make up contains many metals and chemicals
  • Use natural nail polish and remover without toluene.
  • Take vitamin D and liquid minerals.
  • Use protection on your cell phone. It has been proven that cell phone radiation does damage the body’s cells. We have cell phone beads in our office!
  • Utilize dry skin brushing, massage and lymphatic drainage


You can feel terrific and turn back the hands of time! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE HEALS ALL!!! Be gentle with yourself. Smile- when you smile on the outside, you teach your whole self to smile on the inside. Say three things you are grateful for every night. Grace brings joy. I look forward to your continued growth and healing!

How would you like to feel energetic, look beautiful, sleep wonderfully, lose weight and keep it off? You can achieve all these benefits when you know the steps to optimal health and begin to implement them in your daily life! If your goal is to lose weight, please join us for our weight loss group meeting called “Live Your Life” January 20th at 6:30PM. If your goal is to grow younger, please join us for Youthful You: the Seven Secrets at Vitamin Cottage February. 20th at 10:00 AM. (See events pages)

Dr. Louise is a Naturopathic Doctor, Biofeedback Specialist, Certified Natural Health Professional, Kinesiologist and health educator who is passionate about healing work! If you have tried many modalities with minimal results, you can experience whole health physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually at Albuquerque Natural Health Center. See our website for more info: We work with YOU to accomplish your health goals and correct imbalances in the least number of sessions possible. Call today for your appointment! 797-0540. Mention this article and receive a 10% discount off your first session.

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