Five BRAIN Steps to Success

Here is one story that outlines the Five BRAIN Steps to Success I incorporate in one session to get more complete results.  I address all these areas synergistic-ally to leap you forward quickly!  

Abstract design made of head outlines, lights and abstract design elements on the subject of intelligence,  consciousness, logical thinking, mental processes and brain power

Abstract design made of head outlines, lights and abstract design elements on the subject of intelligence, consciousness, logical thinking, mental processes and brain power

  • Why?  If you have had a health/wellness issue have you noticed it is never one thing?
  • Have you been to a variety of docs and still have the issue?
  • Are you experiencing fatigue or feeling stuck?
  • This Five step BRAIN program is our secret to success.
  • You can experience the transformation yourself.. give us a call . 505-797-0450. I work on the phone and long distance with awesome success!
  • One woman who had repeated lung/bronchial issues and coughing when she travels came in this week to work on clearing these issues for good!   I addressed each step in the BRAIN program below.
    B = Body (physical piece)  I use a combination of the Beautiful Balanced Brain biofeedback program and naturopathy. The physical piece is the TB Miasm which is the residue from ancestors that causes congestion in lungs and bronchial s.  TB miasm can manifest as hammer toes or bunions and is underlying cause of skin cancer according to Hanna Kroeger.  She had bunions and hammer toes.  I gave her a homeopthic TB Miasm remedy to take internally and put on her toes.
    R = Release  She knew the nagging coughing was attached to something from the past. We cleared the heart wound ( soul coaching) she acquired as  a young child when she felt the grief and sadness of her mother.  Some of the emotions were assimilated in the womb.
    A= Align We aligned her spiritual body by letting go and releasing as we did in the second step.
    I = Integrate 
    We identified the old patterns from the ancestors. We released the energy attachment that got stuck in her lungs at age four from a former inhabitant of the house they moved to. This was powerful!
    N= New Program We added a new program in her energy field signifying great health and freedom using Geotran.


This one just in this week… all I did was send long distance frequency to balance the heart and clear the energy field of his wife!
He was scheduled to have surgery and possible stints put in his arteries.   Mmm.. I am wondering how many un- necessary surgeries are happening?

Dear Louise,

Just to let you know that, as you predicted, the procedure today went fine and the results are even better.

Ed thanks you for the positive “vibes” you sent his way.  He truly appreciates your thoughtfulness and kindness!

The cardiologist that did the procedure said that the arteries were completely clear and that his heart is functioning like the heart of a “teenager”.  His staff at the hospital could not believe that his arteries looked so well (no obstructions whatsoever!), considering that next year the patient will turn 80! They even gave us a copy of the images that the machine produced and they are amazing!

He has an appointment with a female cardiologist that evaluated the results of the stress test. I will ask her why the results of the two previous tests were “abnormal” if his arteries are in such good condition.  I asked the interventionist cardiologist today and his answer was: “The stress test is not perfect.”  THAT does not answer my question!

Thanks again for your support and solidarity in our time of stress!

Love and hugs,   R.L. and E.L

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