Is the fountain of youth in your brain?

550569_10150840442288461_732407503_n Is the fountain of youth in your brain?

We have explored secrets to aging gracefully and detoxing.  Is the fountain of youth in your brain?  What do you think?

YES!  Everything you hear, feel, see, every thought you think is the result of brain processes. If you think you are attractive, you are. If you think you are young and vibrant you most likely are. If you think you are ugly, dumb, etc. you will attract that energy. It is not just thoughts that are directly related to the brain. Pain, dreams, past memories and feelings are registered in the brain.  Our fountain of youth is “in the brain.”
According  to Dr. Mercola, stress is the important factor directly effecting brain function. One recent study found that higher levels of stress hormones can speed up short-term memory loss in older adults.  Balance stress and the brain by joining our
Beautiful Amazing You group

which works on the brain, stress,digestion,skin and more. Other factors affecting brain health and aging is restorative sleep, exercise, mental stimulation and sugar.
There is yet another factor affecting brain health and that is the heavy metals and pollution in our air, water, foods and dental fillings.
I learned valuable lessons on my journey of healing and the biggest one was how to heal digestion and get my brain working again.  I experienced first hand the connection between heavy metals and loss of memory due to fourteen mercury amalgam fillings removed in one day.
So.. fast forward and this is WHY I developed my own brain program on Scalin technology.  When I balance your neurotransmitters using my Beautiful Balanced Brain biofeedback program it affects the whole body, mind and spirit. There is another important connection to consider in optimizing brain power. It has been said there are more neurotransmitters in the gut ( colon) than your actual brain. This is because we are whole people and all our systems work together.  Good health is about balancing the probiotics and good bacteria in colon while detoxing the pathogens ( parasites, Candida, bacteria) and heavy metals.
The Seven Secrets to a Beautiful You Webinar explains more on this topic.   Here is the webinar link. Enjoy!  Check back here for more on how to detox heavy metals and remain healthy.
Do you believe you can feel younger and have more energy?  Leave your comments below.

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