Kinesiology Provides Powerful, Positive Healing for Life

What is Kinesiology (Muscle Response Testing) and how is it used?

Muscle Response Testing helps establish the cause of imbalances in the body and can be used to test Nutritional and Enzymatic Points, Allergies and even Emotional Issues. It is neurological test for evaluating the body’s electrical potentials. It is based on positive and negative current flow. It is an awesome simple technique that allows us to tap into your unique being and rebalance your electrical system.

We use kinesiology to test the muscle response during the Geotran integrations. Louise also teaches muscle testing and dowsing in the Hanna Kroeger classes to empower you to take care of yourself and your families. Anyone can learn, even children. Recently a student came in for a biofeedback session and commented:

I like how you taught muscle testing and I have been sharing your technique with the students in the wholistic kinesiology class who have been trouble with acquiring the skill. Thank you! I feel  empowered by what you have taught me!