Long Distance Work

What is Long-Distance Work?

Long-Distance Work is like faxing information over the airways.

It is works like a telephone.  Because you are unique just as every star in the universe is its own unique “ball of energy,” the frequencies reach you wherever you are.  You could be in Italy and call me and I can work on you. It is the wave of the future in medicine.

Since everything vibrates at a frequency,–every cell in your body, every plant, and every atom in the universe–we can change the body!

It is quantum physics.

The frequencies reach the client and they feel a shift in mood, sleep better, and are more focused and healthier. Some folks are more aware and can feel the shift, others do not “feel” anything but when asked, they say: “I am sleeping better”; “I am not so stressed”; “I am not so addictive”; “I am more focused and balanced”.

Just imagine experiencing a long-distance session while you sit in the comfort of your own home… at a time that is convenient to you.

Don’t believe it?

Don’t allow yourself to suffer another day. Contact us now –(505)797-0540 to set up your own Long-Distance  Healing.


My doctor diagnosed me with Hepatitis C.  In our first session, Louise determined that I had toxicity in my body, but I did not need to fear the Hepatitis. C.  She corrected my tailbone, worked on me with her Quantum Biofeedback device and the geotran work. I changed my diet (off the dairy products and my coughing went away) and took homeopathic remedies and I drank a protein-green shake that Louise recommended. I probably saw her total of nine sessions and I am healthy and vibrant, lost weight and feel great!

- K.H., Albuquerque

Thanks for your caring, the sharing of information, being so interactive with me and for your expertise in using your machine and your command of homeopathy – I owe you a HUGE debt of gratitude! Since we worked together, I have been in a magically different place. I have been sleeping very well, almost like I’m trying to catch up. Every one of the supplements you tested me for and recommended has done a wonderful job and there has been no reaction to them at all. Again, I am most grateful to you!

- D.B., Virginia

My experience with Louise has been life-changing. Having worked in the energetic healing arena myself, and experiencing sessions with numerous healers, I can say from my heart that Louise is one of the most gifted healers I’ve met. I experienced deep levels of healing from the biofeedback sessions, integrations and supplements. And I was able to maintain that feeling…She is the kind of remarkably gifted and loving healer we need now, in these changing times.

- L.J., Placitas