My True Inside Story

It is about time I share my true inside story and give you the key to why ” brain work” is my passion.

If you are feeling off balance, tired, hormonal, angry, sad, etc. it is the brain that needs  re-balancing. Over the years I have worked with over 8,000 beautiful individuals and what I realized early on is that balancing the brain using any of the five biofeedback programs shifted the person more than anything else I did.


When I added in the field work- Geotran: Brain, Mind, Body Integration their brain seemed to receive an upgrade.  It was a miracle!  The best brain balancing exercise you can do is Mind Gems.  Mind-Gems1   Mind-Gems2

Now, I tell you all about the importance of BRAIN -BALANCING  for two reasons: First, I learned this first hand and it is the intimate relationship I have with you, your brain and my intuition that creates RESULTS for you.  It is unique naturopathic medicine and it evolved from my path of healing.

How did I learn about brain? My brain did not work. I had no memory, panic attacks, foggy brain, headaches,  muscle pain, indigestion, allergies to foods and chemicals and sleep issues.  I taught special education students and then became like the kids I taught when I was exposed to mercury – a heavy metal.  It me took down a path of healing… doctor hopping, sleeping on the floor or in my car, having an oxygen tank to breathe, food rotation diets, multiple supplements,  living in one room, sauna detoxification and moving across the country.  I had no front teeth for three months and had to learn all about dental materials.  Geeee….  I could be a dentist!  So my initial task was to get my own brain functioning- healer heal thyself.  There is a longer version but I will bear you the details. ”  I prayed for answers,worked really hard, changed everything and look where I am today!

Second, you can have optimal brain power and health, also!  Do not settle for mediocre but reach for the stars and allow your gifts to shine.  I am your holistic health coach.

Here is a quick story about a man I worked with recently. He called our office and shared with our staff that he had been in the hospital three times with pancreatitis.  The doctors did not know what to do for him. In an hour on the phone I released his panic and pain using a combination of my Beautiful Balanced Brain Biofeedback program and brain-soul balancing. He felt better and was much calmer.  I had him pick up three homeopathics-pancreatic flukes, dioxin and digestive stimulator.  Simple, effective and ” the wave of the future in medicine” is my belief.  He would still be in pain.  What about you?  Do you want to change your life today?

How can you receive an upgrade?  Experience my signature system of brain balancing  using biofeedback, brain- soul balancing field work, Geotran and nutritional supplements customized for you.  Call and schedule an appointment today!  New clients may use this $25 off coupon.  Mention this blog to receive your discount.  Some of you need a tune up- there are always new patterns coming up to clear and I stay on top of the field work and the latest research in anti-aging treatments.  Call 505-797-0540.



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