Ocean Waves Call Our Soul


Yachats, Oregon

Ocean Waves Call Our Soul

What does the energy of the ocean say to you?

Magnificent beauty, power, freedom, glory and love- a sea of emotions with each wave` splashing and thundering against the rocks-

just one BIG Wonder!

There is love, laughter, boom, panic, roar, white, smooth, rolling thunder, excitement, teasing- here I come ready or not,

bigger, wider, higher, becoming, calling -come taste me, feel me, witness me, see my glory!

A Single Wave Speaks…

Is not a single wave the calling of the passion we desire to share?                                               IMG_0933

Is not a single wave represent the truth of what our soul sings (or wants to sing?).

Is that the reason we are all in awe of a single ocean wave?

As we are all one with nature and God- a single ocean wave is that-our ONE with the divine.

I allow the ocean to speak to my heart with it’s majestic beauty and power…

It is the call to our Soul.



Oregon Coast – Amanda Trail Yachats

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