Relationship Patterns Affect Health

Relationship Patterns Affect Your Health

Have you noticed that when you are right in relationships – with yourself, partners, family members, bosses, co workers , friends you feel good? And if things are not going well in a relationship area of life you are sick, tired, unmotivated or stuck and may have health imbalances too?


I work with my clients holistically to balance their health, brains, minds, emotions and spirit using my B.R.A.I.N.  program. Everyday I work  on relationship issues with my clients  as we are clearing past patterns which affect our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual balance.  For example, one woman was affected by lack of trust, powerless and loss that came from Mom’s side of the family and then affected her life and presented itself as the inability to speak her truth.  I see this pattern often and it relates to the thyroid and throat chakra which has to do with speaking up. This was my pattern as well and once cleared my thyroid came back into balance and  relationship issues changed for the positive.

Here are few questions to ask yourself about relationship patterns from Denise Linn’s book Soul Coaching.   I recommend writing the answers and following this exercise – you will feel different! 

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Soul Coaching by Denise Linn

  1. Have I had negative recurring relationship patterns in the past?
  2. Have those patterns healed, or are they still presenting in my life?
  3. What might I do to heal or resolve that pattern?
  4. What qualities do I consistently judge in others? Often recurring judgements say more about yourself. It is a mirror. The moment you judge someone you lose the power to influence them.
  5. What do I need to communicate and to whom?
  6. Is there anyone I need to forgive or thank?
  7. Is there anyone I need to express love towards?  Make amends with? What is stopping me?
  8. Is there a valued relationship in my past that faded away because I was afraid to tell someone something? What does it cost me if I tell them? or not tell them?
  9. Who or what do I need to forgive , accept, release?
  10. Am I willing to let go of being right?
  11. Can I accept with love and humor those relationship patterns? Be gentle with yourself.
  12. Am I willing to release the need for those patterns?

To change the world start with yourself and examine the relationships that affect health.  Be honest , acknowledge and be open to life transforming miracles. If you need guidance I am here for you.  Call me or email..  505-797-0540

You CAN have results like these!

Dear Ones,
Albuquerque Natural Healing Center -an Oasis in the desert! The medical world strives to heal from a pharmaceutical level.
Louise works on a Soul Level, clearing the origin of the issue. I have been a nurse for 22 years, have served my community. Went through a 12 week period that my husband died, my mom died, and had a difficult surgery.  A friend suggested ,more than once, I should get some help to deal with my issues and suggested-a natural healer-Louise.I have a knack for resisting what is good for me but having been so devastated I went.  It’s like finding a treasure! Healing on the levels unknown to most people -spiritually, mentally, and emotionally-is Outstanding! I thank ,God and Louise for restoring my body, mind and soul. I was not sure I would recover and now-I am Healthy, Happy, and Whole.

With Gratitude and Love,Melissa

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