Supplement Maze

Supplement Maze

You gotta admit the Supplement Maze is confusing. Because our food supply does not contain all the nutrients we need for optimal health,  supplementation is necessary. Frequency Enhanced balanced supplements will help your body and brain run like a fine tuned Ferrari.  I add frequency for better absorption and to boost your mood and energy. You will not need as many capsules so you save money , too.

Here are the questions I hear every day:  

What supplements do  I really need? I have cabinets full of bottles and tinctures. Can I just  eat healthy and get all the nutrition I need?  Do I need to  detox?  Can you help my brain fog and memory?

To unravel the confusion, supplement maze, and provide clarity I will make it really simple.  There are three basic supplements we all need today.In fact a six year boy with asthma was free of asthma in four weeks using  these ‘Basics” – minerals, fish oil and probiotics.  Most people are low in minerals, not vitamins. Minerals are catalysts that create enzymes- enzymes for digestion and vitality.  Watch this three minute science experiment to find out why Minerals are king!

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Frequency Enhanced Products

Wow, I have used other mineral, fish oil and a popular brand of probiotics and I got to tell you I feel better on these.  I have more energy and the pain in my back is gone!  Thank you! There I something to the frequency enhanced. I do not know how you do it but keep it up!  Will you offer kid’s vitamins?  CA Albuquerque, NM

Benefits of fish oil:

Fish oil contains the omega-3 fatty acids, (EPA) and  (DHA) which support the brain, circulation, healthy cholesterol levels,  bones, and boosts your mood. The best fish oil I have used in Nordic Naturals and ANHC Omega 3. These have no mercury and my clients do not burp them up.

What Probiotic should you use?

Probiotics are the good bugs in your gut that feed your brain, build immune system, provide protection against all diseases.  Probiotics can be found in yogurt, kefir, kombucha, sauerkraut, pickled foods and you can buy probiotic supplements. There are so many kinds in your health  food store. Most people buy a brand name that contains  billions of acidophilus and bifidus bacteria and then they do not absorb any of these.  Probiotics are not created equal and you need to have a practitioner test you to determine which one is good for your body.

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Frequency Enhanced Products

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Complete Minerals -The Basics


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Your complete health – body, mind, spirit is our mission!  More on the brain connection in future blogs, stay tuned!

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