The Seven Steps to a Balanced Brain

The Seven Steps to a Balanced Brain.   You have heard if you change your brain you will change your life.  The brain is the master gland and dictates what your hormones do, what you think, feel and how you behave.  If you have any imbalance in your body, mind or spirit we need to address your whole being and your brain.  Be sure and scroll down and see the video about a dyslexic student/client who changed her brain and her life with all our programs.

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Perhaps you are feeling tired, not yourself?  You begin to change your diet and take supplements and you feel better, but there is still a feeling of being blocked.  Next, you take out gluten and you have more energy.  You begin to clean up your environment and ditch the toxic cleaning products or change to a natural deodorant and you feel a little better but still not like yourself.

You are frustrated and determined to make more changes if needed- there is still something “off.”  Now you decide to go to church.. Mmmm…  maybe I need a stronger connection with God you tell yourself.  Sound familiar?



You are not alone. More people today are finding a path of healing that is wholistic and natural for themselves or a loved one.   Just the other day when I was in the grocery store I asked the cashier to please put a bag over the glass plate that beeps when they scan your food.  I explained that it adds a small amount of radiation and we do not scan our food anymore.  She was refreshingly open minded and shared that her mother had breast cancer and also watches radiation exposures and her diet now.

My own path led me to the seven steps to a balanced brain outlined here briefly.   I will go in depth on the upcoming Webinar : BIG Brain Webinar August 29th. You will experience a brain balancing biofeedback session on the webinar!

 The Seven Steps to  a Balanced Brain

  1. Nutrition and Rebuilding
  2. Food Allergies and sensitivities -reactions in the brain-gut, avoid or treatment
  3. Heavy metal and chemical detoxing
  4. Neurotransmitter Re-balancing
  5. Healthy Environment
  6. Emotional Rebalancing and building self-esteem-
  7. Spiritual and soul level healing

How does the Biofeedback Help ADD/ADHD and Dyslexia?It balances the brain waves and neurotransmitters increasing focus and clarity.

  • It balances the brain waves and neurotransmitters increasing focus and clarity.
  • Helps organization skills and reduces frustration and stress.
  • I teach self-protection such as the putting a bubble of their favorite color around them like they are in a cocoon of color.
  • It increases vibration which allows the individual to protect their energy field and have clearer boundaries.
  • I notice heightened intuition with this population that they maybe shutting off because of their sensitivities.   Brain Boosters empowers the self trust and confidence in these individuals so they can use their gifts to the fullest.

See how Biofeedback and dyslexia multisensory training helped Ali gain confidence and achieve all her goals.   Watch this video of our interview at Good Day New Mexico Channel 4 TV.   This was taken four years ago and Ali is a senior in college about to student teach.  Congratulations Ali!  We are very proud of you.

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