Thyroid Mystery

Doctors and natural health practitioners are confused by the “Thyroid Mystery.” 

An underactive thyroid is one of the easiest conditions to both diagnose and treat. In most cases (95 percent) it only requires a simple basal temperature test, supplemental iodine, and possibly an over-the-counter thyroid glandular supplement.

Cardiovascular problems are only one of the symptoms of hypothyroidism. The list of other problems and symptoms follows

  • Always exhausted
  •   Irritable and impatient                                                                          thyroid_gland_diag
  • —Depressed, anxious or panicky
  •   —Bothered by changes in skin or hair
  • At the mercy of your moods               —
  • Gaining or losing weight
  • Losing enthusiasm for life
  • Dry hair or losing hair
  • —Heavy menstrual periods
  • —Joint aches and pains
  • Brittle nails
  • —Puffy face and eyes
  • Constipation                                                              —
  • Dry eyes
  • —Hoarse voice
  • Tingling fingers
  • —Sleeping poorly
  • Lapses in memory

If I had the chance to run one test on every individual, it would be the Basal Thermometer test.

  1. Put an oral thermometer by your bedside. If you use a mercury one, shake it down to 96 degrees.
  2. Upon awakening, place the thermometer in your armpit and leave it there for 10 minutes before arising.
  3. Record the temperature.
  4. Do this for at least a week and get the average.

Note: Men can take their temperature any time. Women in their menstrual years get the most accurate reading on the second or third day after menstrual flow starts. Before the first menstrual period or after menopause, the temperature may be taken on any day.

Anywhere between 98.2 and 97.2 is considered normal. If your temperature falls below this range, it indicates a sluggish thyroid or hypothyroid condition. (If it is above this range, your thyroid is overactive.)

Lack of energy and chronic fatigue are common complaints these days; both are hallmark symptoms of an underactive thyroid. Another classic sign is an inability to lose weight. Some doctors do not recommend even attempting to start a diet until you know your thyroid is functioning properly. Once an underactive thyroid is treated and thyroid hormone levels increase, the metabolic
thermostat rises and fat stores begin to burn off naturally.

As a naturopath I like to find the cause and help the individual detox and came back into balance.  I have found that the cause is often heavy metals and radiation.  See my Bog post  The Secret to a Balanced Thyroid.    I myself had undiscovered thyroid issues and years later when I started on iodine and continued to detox mercury and fluoride did my thyroid come back into balance. The combination of biofeedback and balancing the brain with my signature Beautiful Balanced Brain Program helps people clear the toxins more quickly. I balance the emotions and neurotransmitters which speeds healing.

What has been your experience?  Leave your ahhaa’s  and comments below.

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