Top Ten New Year Tips for 2015

e1eeae45-001a-4d96-8b2a-2a306cda2156Top Ten New Year Tips for 2015

As the New Year kicks off we are reminded to make “resolutions.”I like to think of these as New Year Goals and Intentions. An intention coupled with commitment is the doorway for change. So if there is something you desire to shift, change, improve upon or release this is the time. Do not put up with the nagging issue any longer. You can do it!

Here are the Top Ten New Year Tips 2015 to take the charge of this activity:

1. Sit comfortably in your PJ’s in your favorite chair or at your computer. Have a cup of your favorite tea or beverage.

2. Do Mind Gems (…you knew I was going to suggest these) or deep breathing or meditation. Watch Dr. Mark Waldman’s video on mindfulness

3. Think about what makes you smile and feel good deep down inside. What do you really want in your life? You can design your life and the only way for this to happen is with a plan.

4. Make two columns on your paper, in your journal or on computer with the heading New Year Goals 2015 or something similar.

5. 1st column- list what makes you feel good about you? What is your passion? Is it helping others, creating new ideas, collaborating with co- workers, spending time with your family, cooking, gardening, traveling, exercising, writing, etc.

6. 2nd column- write an intention to implement each desire in the coming year with a date of completion.

7. You can use this technique for any group of goals. Create intentions for each area- personal, career, health, financial. Put a date of completion down.

8. Writing them down will begin to inform your brain that you are committed to making it happen. This is very important. Be committed to your intention. More on the brain importance in Brain Messages

9. Here is how to really MAKE THEM HAPPEN! Say your goals with emotion and passion out loud while doing a movement! Yes, jump around your living room with gusto and pizzazz. At first you might feel silly and then you will get into it! No, I have not lost it; the action coupled with the verbal makes your intention stronger and teaches your energy field and mind-body-spirit what is going to happen.

10. Keep your intentions handy and do this at least once a week. Have fun PIZZAZZ JUMPING!

Wishing you and yours a very happy, healthy, peaceful and prosperous New Year!

I love you all!

Blessings, Louise

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