Transform Your Life!

Transform Your Life!  

Have you ever had a period of weeks when you wake up dragging every day. Sleep is not fun and you do not look forward
to hopping into a cozy bed.. it is dreadful and you stretch your evening until you are so exhausted you pray you
will sleep till morning.   One morning you wake up half an hour late. You are rushing around and run into the side of
the bed and begin your day with a giant purple  bruise on your shin?
Breakfast is a banana (can grab and go)  and you struggle to get dressed and out the door. You manage to arrive at work late. You can’t focus and get anything done?  You procrastinate on that big project at work?   The voice in your head won’t  stop chattering and even the radio music seems like “noise.”  You drive home from
work ready to turn this day around and then you burn the chicken and veggie stir fry you were so looking forward to eating.We have all been there, right?   What if…this pattern could be changed forever?
Well, for Naomi it happened like this:   In just three personal sessions and the Brain Boosters group Naomi came into the office bight eyed and bouncy.  (This is much different than the woman I met eight weeks ago.  Naomi looked down when we talked, frowned and there was wrinkle in her brow, slumped shoulders and she sat in the chair like she was glued in one place, stiff and scared.)
She said, “I am sleeping better than I have in years!  I feel centered and focused.
You empowered me to speak up for myself.  I quit my old job and got a new one.
I feel like a million bucks! I think about where I would be today if I had not worked
with you..  all I can say thank you for giving me my life back.!”
Through the combination of biofeedback and detoxification, naturopathy, brain soul balancing and my signature BRAIN program you

can have optimal health and brain power!

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Don’t wait to get your life back!  Call us and grab your spot in our Brain Boosters
and schedule a personal comprehensive session.


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