Vaccinations and Biofeedback

Vaccinations and Biofeedback

Currently in the news is a topic that stirs up great controversy.  The measles outbreak
is all the buzz.Of course the controversial topic is the vaccines.  I do believe that when making decisions about our health and the health of others, it is wise to have as much information as available.

BOUGHT is a groundbreaking new documentary that exposes the shocking truth behind vaccines, GMOs, and drugs.  See it here:
Whatever your belief about vaccines I want you to know you have choices.  Do your research and stick with your belief and honor your truth.If you decide to use alternatives there are great choices out there.
I have a homeopathic vaccine protocol that parents have used with great success for their children. The remedies also help ward of flu, bacteria  and viruses for people and animals of all ages.  My daughter said that bacteria fuge and viral fuge  helped her stay healthy through the holidays.  I have given these to dogs, cats and horses as well.I also have the miasm remedy for the measles and there is a chicken pox one as well.The chicken pox homeopathy helped a woman with shingles recently in just a few days.   We also used biofeedback frequency and she healed quickly! Please do not have your teenager get the Papilloma Vaccine. Hanna Kroeger created a
PAP kit and I have this as well. Simple. I have used this myself and have given it to hundred’s of clients over the years.Plus, you know I can zap the pathogen or the issue with biofeedback frequencies.  I can do this here or long distance. So you are covered in multiple ways.  Let’s turn fear into empowerment!~The movie also talks about GMO foods.  Fortunately there are only nine crops that are being grown GMO. They are corn, soy, cotton, canola, alfalfa, sugar beets, papaya, zucchini and yellow squash.  For more on this read the article in my blog.

Can Biofeedback Help?

Personally I have seen the harmful side of vaccinations.  Many contain mercury  and formaldehyde and affect the brain and nervous system. I have worked with over 500 children ( who had ADD/ADHD, Dyslexia, diabetes, asthma, allergies)  and about 15 Autistic children their families over the years and the vaccinations always came up on the biofeedback program as an issue. We detox the vaccination residue and the child improves. I have also worked with a young adult who was paralyzed by the swine flu shot and now uses a walker. The Beautiful Balanced Brain biofeedback program and detox foot baths helped her regain some use of her arms and legs and her speech. I recall watching her change as the session progressed.. more alert, better mouth control and speech was more fluent. It was a miracle.

I see these miracles happen daily!  If you need a tune up don’t wait. If you are new client take advantage of our share the love sale – $25 off your first session.  Call us today and begin your path to ultimate wellness and health!  505-797-0540

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