You Can Be a Health Detective!


Do you want to be the BEST HEALTH DETECTIVE you can be? Learn to dowse and find out if you or a family member or client has nutritional deficiencies, parasites, infections, metals, or spiritual imbalances? Learn what to do about it- use nutrition,  herbs,homeopathy, tailbone set, brain stem set or a spiritual cleanse? You will leave class feeling lighter and empowered!

Learn the seven causes of physical and spiritual ill health, according to Hanna Kroeger, an amazing healer and teacher. Hanna Kroeger was born in Turkey in 1913, trained as nurse in Istanbul and learned healing techniques from her mother and a naturopathic doctor where she worked in a naturopathic hospital in Dresden.  She taught others “how to help themselves and one another” by teaching and sharing across the country. Hanna started the first health food store in Boulder, Colorado in 1957 and founded Kroeger Herbs years later. Her herbal combinations were divinely inspired. Hanna was clearly ahead of her time and we are blessed to have her wisdom and teachings today via her books, her daughter, and a few others sharing her work. Her book, “Help One Another” is my health Bible.

  • The 7 Physical and Spiritual Causes of Ill Health
  • Neglect                                  Neglect
  • Trauma                                  Trauma
  • Congestion                            Congestion
  • Environmental                     Karma
  • Parasites and worms           Entities and Dark Forces
  • Infections                              Emotions
  • Miasma and Residue           Law of the Universe

of childhood diseases

You will learn invaluable tid bits such as:

  • Lead– hyperactivity, behavioral problems, suicidal tendencies, allergies, leg aches especially in children, fatigue, irritability, anemia, headaches. The lead molecule is the same size as the calcium molecule which can disrupt calcium absorption in the body.
  • Plumbum met. is the homeopathic remedy to remove lead from the body and bones.  I have used this successfully for ADD, osteoporosis, depression, and more.


Health Tip From Hanna- Test Your Own Arterial Health  Fist Test1) Lift both hands above your head.2) Make fists with firm pressure.

3) Open and close fists 10 times.

4) Ask someone to hold your wrists firmly.

5) Open and close again 10 times.

6) Your helper should release the grip on your wrists quickly. In 4 seconds your hands should be really red. If not, you have arterial trouble in your upper torso.

Foot Test

Walk barefoot for 2 minutes outside in the grass, if possible. Then lie on your back and stretch your legs upwards. Ask someone to look at the soles of your feet. If they show white spots, it indicates that your leg arteries are narrowed down and not enough blood can reach your feet.

-Excerpt from God Helps those Who Help Themselves


Customer Testimonial-The Power of Circu Flow!“…My wife and I went to the Health Food Store on South Pasadena. We asked him to tell us about Oral Chelation. He reached up on the shelf and gave me a bottle of Circu Flow and a bottle of Aloe Vera Gel and gave me directions as to how I should take it. (Three Circu Flow capsules before meals three times a day with 2 tablespoons Aloe Vera). I started taking this May of 2001 and by June 4, 2001 I was no longer taking nitrostats. (Remember, I was taking as many as ten a day for chest pains). To this day I have not had to take any more nitrostats under my tongue. I have had no chest pains, nor have I had to sit up to sleep…”

I have used Hanna’s teachings for fourteen years and it has literally saved lives. God Bless you Hanna!

She said, “Pick up the things I teach you and teach others.”

If you had a Hanna experience please share it below. Let’s honor Hanna by passing on her work.

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