Buried Heart Wounds

Buried Heart Wounds 

Where are you giving away your power, health, or happiness?  Is it a buried heart wound?

Just the other day a client and I worked on clearing the energy around the recent bad news she ( call her Sara, not real name) received that she may have cancer.  The doctors ( eight of them) did not agree and wanted to send her for a PET scan and more testing. She has a history of breast cancer, high blood pressure, weight issues and kidney, adrenal and thyroid imbalances.  She has had difficulty sleeping and very high blood pressure.  These are all physical symptoms and yet we know everything is emotional,  right?  You may have been told that and still not believe it until you see evidence in your own life.


Heart Wounds


Physical or Emotional – which came first?

Here is where the story gets interesting.  I have broadcasted long distance biofeedback  frequency for balancing blood pressure and supporting the organs mentioned as well as balancing emotions.  Sara is overweight and has not taken full responsibility for her health. In the past few weeks Sara decided to cut ties with her daughter who does upset her – she worries about her daughter who is always in need of help, has ill health, addictions and more.. …

Sara seemed more relaxed when she came in this week.  She shared her decision to cut the cords with her daughter.  “I can’t help her , she has to help herself.”  Bravo!  For the first time Sara is sleeping and her blood pressure is normal.  Sara turned a corner physically because she made her mind up and affirmed that her own health and happiness is  important. Sara stood in her power.

Discover the Buried Heart Wounds

Where are you hanging on to the old patterns? I encourage you to make a choice. Stand in your power..  as Michael Singer stated in The Untethered Soul,.. ” real growth takes place when you you finally decide to deal with the pain. Because the pain is at the core of the heart it radiates out and affects everything you do.”  (page 99).   The Untethered Soul.  What I notice and feel ( I am a bit psychic) is that we do not know these buried heart wounds are even there.  I love to release the heart wounds for people and watch their whole lives change!

We have been releasing the heart wounds  in the Awakening Abundance Tele classes and the results speak for  themselves.  This is not emotion code but a comprehensive system of Brain -Soul Balancing and other energy work.

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Here a few results from clearing Heart wounds and old ancestral patterns :

  • One member had a weeks vacation paid by her brother.
  • In the last six weeks another member attracted an amazing boyfriend, new vehicle and additional farm animals!
  • A member got approved for a mortgage to be able to move near her kids, a dream come true for her!
  • A member got a new home in the perfect place!
  • An excited member wrote:
  • Won $1,000 at car dealership
  • Mom gave me a check for $14,000.00!!!
  • Found an incredible light, bright, professional office, with extra room that I can sublet and make my payment!
  • Daughter and her friend got a trip to Hawaii from her Godfather.
  • Lots more unexpected gifts and a beautiful crystal to use when I meditate!!!!

Wow!  I would love to answer questions and hear your comments below.


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