Top Ten Holiday Tips

Top Ten Holiday Tips     “Stay healthy this holiday season”

Back by popular demand here is the Top Ten Holiday Tips!  Don’t get caught this holiday season with the sugar highs, a bulging waistline, the flu and a feeling of overwhelm. Take control by following these holiday survival tips

First, be aware of the temptation to overeat.   If you find yourself bloated and stuffed try a cup of hot water with the juice of ½ lemon before bed and upon awakening. This alkalizes the body and helps with inflammation.

Second, don’t skip the exercise during the holidays. Exercise increases the metabolism and assists digestion, hormone balance and mood while burning off those extra calories.

Third, Choose more alkalizing foods such as vegetables and whole grains. The white flour, sugar and fatty fast foods cause acidity in the body which can lead to colds and inflammation. Acidity in the system impacts immunity, digestion, bone strength, hormones and joints.

Fourth, when traveling take your main supplements along – minerals, omega 3 oils, Vitamin C and probiotics. Peppermint tea or oil can help with digestion. I take digestion enzymes, Emergen-C packets, tea bags and protein powder along as well. Starting your morning with a protein drink helps boost energy.

Fifth, take time to de-stress by taking a hot detox bath in Dead Sea salts with a few drops of Lavender essential oil before bed.

Sixth, you can choose to accept a certain number of invitations and not stress yourself by going to every event. Do what feels right for you and your family. When we follow our intuition and gut feeling, it usually works out for the best.

Seventh, be grateful. Living in gratitude actually changes the DNA! Our feelings impact everything…researchers have found that the DNA changes and elongates when we experience feelings of gratitude, love, joy and appreciation. Conversely, it tightens and becomes shorter when feelings of frustration, fear, anger and stress are present. So, remember your mind gems, deep breathing, yoga practice, and meditation – whatever works for YOU. Of course the biofeedback programs are magical when it comes to rebalancing the stressors in the body. So, make an appointment, because we love helping people distress and experience great health! Take advantage of our groups which are affordable and powerful!    More on the Brain-Spirit Connection here.  IMG_0821.JPG

A Beautiful Amazing You Group member stated,

“After just two sessions, I swear I can feel a difference the next morning! The anti-aging sessions leave me feeling lighter, thinner, (if only just by a smidge!), less wrinkled, and less orange-peely cellulite…. (Are those words?)!!  Can’t wait for the next one!”

CJ Albuquerque


Eighth, on the eight day of Christmas my true love gave to me… eight maids a milking. For some reason, that just came out… so I will go with it. Organic raw milk and raw milk cheese include some healthy enzymes that are not present in pasteurized products. Try some organic raw milk cheese and give your body the gift of healthful enzymes.

Ninth, be good to your self and get enough rest. Get to bed early a few nights. We tend to keep different hours over the holidays and this disturbs our bio-rhythms

Tenth, laugh a lot. Laughing burns calories and boosts the immune system. Rent some funny movies and make organic popcorn and Laugh!!!

We have ongoing groups: Brain Boosters Group (For all ages, ideal for students) and Beautiful You Anti-aging Group beginning January 14th. 

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