Spring Allergies Affecting Your Brain?

Spring allergies affecting your brain?  Take charge and zap those reactions!


Are you tired, have a foggy brain, stuffy nose, sneezing, itchy eyes, sore throat, indigestion or other allergy symptoms? You will be surprised to learn it is not just the pollen from trees, plants or grasses causing your misery and allergies.   I see a mix of chemicals at this time of year affecting so many folks. and putting their brains out of balance.

I recall when I discovered that the  herbal natural supplements for allergies  did not test positive for helping people with their allergies?  It  was the anti -oxidants such as Chem X and Metal X and NAC that helped more people.  Why were anti -oxidants used to detox chemicals testing positive?   In the Spring cities fertilize and spray herbicides such as glyphosphate ( which is Agent Orange) on the the parks, golf courses and road sides.  Glyphosate is the active  ingredient in Round Up that causes a host of health issues including reproductive organ cancers, asthma, ADD, depression and more.

These toxins are costing us billions in damages annually and yet we still use them.  Please call your city and ask them to stop using these poisons on the lawns in our parks where children play and dogs are walked. They spray the median strip rocks for weed control here in Albuquerque so if you see a yellow streak on the street take another route and call immediately.  I have seen people have more car accidents when they start spraying this poison ( reduces reaction time and affects the brain and nervous system). One time I saw a dog have a seizure in the middle of the street and that same day a client living on that same street ended up in the emergency room with heart palpitations.

Please take action and call or write your city-town and ask them to use natural fertilizers.  Vinegar and water kills weeds and won’t pollute our people and end up in the ground water.
Chemicals costing society billions in damages to human health

Glyphosate is also contained in GMO foods so we are eating it, too. You can read more about this in my blog article, GMO Mystery Exposed:

Blog article GMO Mystery Exposed

Here are some allergy tips:

  • Wash your hands and face when you get home, better yet, take a shower and wash off the pollens and chemicals.
  • Take Allergy Hist which contains herbs to help pollen allergies and NAC for environmental allergies and is frequency enhanced.  Allergy Hist is in our store and I recently frequency enhanced a batch with super duper love frequencies and enzymes!  Another favorite for allergies is Ear, Nose and Throat probiotic.
  • ANHC store
  • Clean the nasal passages with sea salt and water using a netty pot or nasal spray bottle.
  • Do not eat mucus producing foods such as gluten and dairy during the height of the season
  • Have a cup of hot lemon water before bed ) alkalizes the system).
  • Eat enough fiber – ground flax seed in your shake, oat bran, fruit, prunes.
  • Biofeedback helps allergies!   Give us a call. 505-797-0540
  • Get an allergy treatment – simple cellular retraining therapy for foods, pollen, chemicals, anything really.

Check back for more helpful hints and answers to your questions.  Got a question for Dr. Louise. Please post it below.  Thank you.

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