Surrender to Excellence

Surrender to Excellence

When you let go and let God great people, situations and events show up in your life.

Here is my story illustrating this important point.

I recently went to the dentist to have an inlay that fell out cemented in. My dentist is in Taos, NM and I live in Albuquerque which is about 2 ½ hours south of Taos. I love the drive and pack my music and my lunch. It is like going to God’s country. The drive through the canyon where the Rio Grande river runs along the road is beautiful and magical. The hot summer air was just a tad cooler as I traveled North and I could open windows and feel like I was flying in my “Angel Mobile” ( Honda white van “with wings”).

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I arrived early and decided to drive up the road to Angel Fire where there are short hikes along the way. I found the perfect spot on the side of the road to park and hiked to the dry stream bed. There are many little streams usually running along this road and they have been dry for the past few years. Today it seemed my feet crunched with each step through the dead leaves and pine needles.   I heard a small trickle of water and headed for it. A small pool of water collected near an old dead tree stump next to a grouping of river rocks. I climbed up on the dead crumbling stump and sat and prayed – for nothing in particular… just in awe of this moment of time.

I thanked God for the many blessings and thought about the people I cherish and a recent transaction regarding my business and brain balance.  I had not thought about the dentist visit other than to listen when it was time to go so I would be on time for my appointment. Today I was early for everything… a first for me.

I love my dentist and that is why I drive 2/1/2 hours to see him!   The inlay that fell out I carried in a small jewelry box. We needed to see if it had broken and it was intact!   Wow, I had not even given this a thought..till now. Great news!   I can only use one cement because I am so sensitive to dental materials and Dr. Simms understands this and works with me. He said I would not have much retention with Duralon so he hunted for other alternatives and I used kinesiology to test them. Three did not work and he found another sample from Sweden and it tested fine. It was a powder to be mixed with water.

The point is two fold: First, Dr Simms is incredibly intuitive and open and smart!   Secondly, this divine plan was orchestrated by God as I did not have any thoughts about any of this—just knew I had a dentist appointment and assumed I would need another impression and inlay made from scratch. And the inlay that fell out fit perfectly! Plus, the cement is BIG DEAL for me and we found this new one today.. with divine guidance I am sure.   I have only been able to use one cement in 20 years!   Why did this go so well I have asked myself?

I truly let go and let God!


I invite you now to NOT THINK!   Just allow, relax and trust…   sink into it… just Be.

Expand and Surrender to Excellence

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